We invest ourselves ... in your team!

When we invest, we want to contribute more than just money to your business.

We (Birger and Svend) met in sixth grade and have been friends and (sometimes) business partners ever since. We work together, because they like each other.

That is also how we invest. First and foremost, we want to get to know you and your team. If we like and respect each other, we have every opportunity to make it a success.

How would your founder team benefit from adding more than 70 years of international business experience? What would you be able to accomplish with that type of guidance?

We have created Baylund Management for a reason. We want to contribute to making the world a better place for nature and for humans. We believe strongly that the most profitable businesses in the future will be those that are driven by a sustainable purpose.

Birger Baylund,
Founder & Chairman

Birger has been there himself. After 20 years in the corporate world (at Dun & Bradstreet), he founded DebitorRegistret, aiming at breaking the monopoly of RKI within consumer credit. After a bumpy road of ups and downs, he sold the business to Bisnode.

Birger works with our founders on go-to-market strategy and hands-on sales. 

“I know what it is like to start a business. The passion and enthusiasm, the doubts and black holes. I love to share the enthusiasm of the people who start a business to solve a problem they have felt themselves - and walk beside them all the way,” he says.

There are two common denominators in the career of Birger. Data and sales have always been part of his job as a corporate business man in business class and as a founder in his garage north of Copenhagen.

To our companies he contributes:

Commercial insight

Knowledge of business models based on data

Sales execution

International experience and start up knowledge

Svend Tøttrup,
Co-founder & CEO

If you need a cool and objective look at your business model, Svend is your man. He is the business-oriented CFO who has been working with all sorts of businesses from micro financing in Africa to real estate and IT.

In Baylund Management Svend focuses on working with our investments and founders on finance and back-end.

“I look at businesses through their business model. I quickly understand how it makes money now and in the future and know what to prioritize and what to cut. I understand what we should invest in and what we should let go. If there is a hard truth somewhere, you will probably hear it from me,” he says.

For more than 35 years that is exactly what Svend has been doing, optimizing businesses, often venture capitalist owned, through strategic insight.

To our companies he contributes:

Strategic insight

Crushing complex issues through data analysis

Execution (70 % of transformation does not succeed)

International experience and a global mindset



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