Democratizing AI to close the gap

Axonjay, founded by Jean-phillipe M.L. Schepens and three co-founders, in Summer 2021, has a mission to democratize AI and close the new digital gap by making AI accessible and easy to use for any business. As a multi-award-winning AI tech company, Axonjay has developed a trailblazing and unique Self-Machine-Learning PlatformTM, which reveals and predicts companies' true behaviour in real-time. 

While other AI platforms applies AI to old static data, Axonjay has developed smart and innovative ways of processing dynamic data, making AI highly accessible through a simple interface. Additionally, Axonjay's Self-Machine-Learning PlatformTM adds a revolutionary dimension by introducing a feedback loop to constantly improve the algorithm. So far, Axonjay has started in two verticals: HR and Finance, which have remained unchanged for the last 20-30 years, and AxonJay's AI will disrupt the ways these industries will take decisions in the future. 

The team has invented innovative data processing techniques using data peeling, cocktails of signals, and feedback loops, reducing the need to buy, manage, or pool data, recruit expensive data scientists, build deep learning models, or spend resources on bespoke AI strategies. Moreover, the products are scalable and easy to adapt to business needs, utilizing a dynamic approach built on continuously changing data versus static historical data that is rarely updated.

As the Birger Baylund, Chairman from Baylund Management stated, "We are impressed with Axonjay's deep technical expertise and their ability to develop custom AI solutions that meet the unique needs of each client. We believe that Axonjay's innovative approach to AI development will help drive the industry forward and create significant value for their clients.”

Go to: axonjay.ai



Baylund Management passed the team test.

Mikkel Thykjær Jørgensen, founder and CEO of Biowatch, has a test which he applies to potential investors. He calls it "the team test".

“The test is: Would we take them on board if they did not bring funding? Do they contribute more than money?” he says about the test he put potential investors in Biowatch through. 

Mikkel founded Biowatch in 2017. Before that he worked as a corporate lawyer with primary focus on tech, transactions, investments and corporate law. In other words: He knows his way around start-ups and investors and was conscious of who he wanted to join the team.

 “Birger and Svend from Baylund Management passed the test,” he says. “They will help us accelerate at a speed which we could not do ourselves.”


When asked what Birger Baylund and Svend Tøttrup bring to the table, he talks about a recent two-day kick off with Baylund Management and the Biowatch team.

“We had two extremely experienced people who spent two days with us. We stood more than we sat because Birger and Svend were so enthusiastic about our product and purpose. It is a dream scenario for us,” Mikkel says.

The most important thing Baylund Management has done for Biowatch, according to Mikkel, is helping refine the product to suit the customer need.

“Birger knows what makes a CEO tick, when HR presents a product to alleviate stress and boost energy levels within the organisation. He has strong opinions, loosely held. We already have three or four sales people in the field before the product is fully ready - in other word they have a laser sharp focus on execution. Birger has taken on our product as if it was his own,” he says.

Birger Baylund says: “Work-related stress is one of the biggest issues facing modern life. On the other hand, many of us are able to enhance our performance and make better use of our energy resources. The team at Biowatch has set out to help people manage the balance between healthy and dangerous stress. We strongly share that vision and wish to contribute to turning that purpose into a sustainable business. We are proud to help do just that.”



Making bikes run

Every two weeks Kajsa Stenfeldt, CEO and founder of BikeRunner, meets with one of her developers and Birger Baylund from Baylund Management to move the business forward. When Baylund Management invested in BikeRunner, it became more structured.

Kajsa is the founder of BikeRunner, a platform where a customer with a flat tire gets matched with a “Runner”, an experienced bike fixer in the local neighborhood. 

“I am really the customer. I am not a bicycle enthusiast, quite the opposite. I just have a busy life and use my bike as a means of transportation. A puncture is one of the most annoying things and you just want it fixed, where your bike is. That is what we do.”

Baylund Management came on board as investors through acquaintances. According to Kajsa they contribute with a lot of experience in running a business.

“They have a lot of experience. Birger has started his own business in his garage risking everything. So he knows what I am going through as an entrepreneur. They are really enthusiastic about BikeRunner and have a lot of ideas - some of them are great,” she says with a smile.

Svend Tøttrup of Baylund Management works hands-on with the financial side of BikeRunner. He says: “The aim of BikeRunner is simple, yet powerful. Their vision is to make bikes run by fixing the flat tire fast and service the bike. No longer should people sit in a car queue because of a bike that does not run. That is great for people, their health and nature - and we are thrilled to be on board.




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